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    Pre-Graduate School Knights

    AAP's newest structured program to help prepare students in preparing for graduate school. 

    This is a program facilitated through Webcourses/Canvas and creates an environment for students to choose activities to complete to help them prepare for graduate school. AAP's Pre-Grad Advisors and Staff help support students in PGKs in completing the necessary steps to become competitive graduate school applicants. 

    Guide to Grad School

    AAP's open online lessons cover topics from how to budget to save for graduate school to securing great letters of recommendation. 

    This is a self-navigated guide for all students who are looking to browse through AAP's resources. Students navigating G2GS can ask AAP Pre-Grad Advisors for help to point them in the right direction, or they can just gain access and explore the lessons available. This is a resource that can be explored and used when the time is right for you.  

    AAP Pre-Grad Advising

    AAP's peer advisors have now gone virtual!

    Schedule your individualized meeting to learn more about AAP's resources and develop your personal plan to prepare for the graduate programs you are interested in applying to. Peer Advisors will meet with you online via Zoom.