Service-Learning Course Criteria

The basic criteria for designating an existing course as a service-learning (S-L) course at UCF are that it:

  • addresses a need in the community (campus, local, regional, global)
  • meets one or more course objectives
  • demonstrates a clear connection between the service activity and the course content
  • involves reciprocity between course and community that results in students’ increased civic awareness and engagement
  • involves structured student reflection
  • involves collaboration with an appropriate agency representative
  • involves at least 15 hours of student service to the community agency
  • is not a venue for promoting religious or political agendas nor is it to be used for recruitment of students, those served, or other residents of locations visited for religious or political efforts. (See Faculty Handbook pages 21-24)

To be designated as a S-L course, the S-L activities must be with nonprofit organizations or governmental agencies, including public schools, the philanthropic arm of a for-profit organization, or other initiatives approved by the S-L Course Evaluation Committee on a case by case basis.

All students in the course must be required to engage in S-L experiences. The experiences may not be simply co-op, internship, clinical, practicum and other activities designed to purely meet student learning needs. These experiences (designed to develop and/or demonstrate implementation of competencies which are the focus of the course), while integral to the student’s learning, do not generally meet the S-L requirements.

Approval for S-L designation will generally be granted for a course section and specific faculty member unless a college/department/school states that ALL sections of the course will include S-L activities and will use the same syllabus. A syllabus that was previously approved and is unchanged does not need approval each semester. Evaluative data will be required each semester.

For questions or submissions, please email OEL@UCF.EDU

Service-Learning Course Rubric