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Phi Eta Sigma

Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society inspired by the past and dedicated to the future. It is their goal to encourage and reward academic excellence among full-time, first year students in institutions of higher learning.

Induction is an outward recognition of personal accomplishment and serves as an incentive for continued high scholarship. It provides members the opportunity to meet freshman scholars from all academic disciplines on their campuses and to join them in promoting academic excellence. Members may apply for scholarships available from national and from local chapters.

The UCF chapter strives to continue to exemplify the qualities of Service, Excellence, and Community. Members of Phi Eta Sigma have access to a network of local, active members, and opportunities for service and learning and receive a family atmosphere with support from fellow members and officers. Presently, there are over 200 active members of Phi Eta Sigma and membership will be extended to first year students at the end of fall and spring semesters.

More information can be found on the UCF chapter site.

Tau Sigma

Tau Sigma members are encouraged to promote student involvement at UCF, especially in activities and programs that assist other transfer students in making a successful transition.

Membership in Tau Sigma is a special opportunity for you to distinguish yourself based on your academic excellence, and we wish to congratulate you on your early success here. Students are invited to join Tau Sigma each semester if they have met the minimum qualifications set by Tau Sigma’s National headquarters.

Membership criteria can be found here.

We are seeking exemplary students to go above and beyond and assume leadership opportunities. As a national honor society, Tau Sigma holds the keys to open many doors for you now and in the future, and this is a clear path to take full advantage of that fact. Please, contact us for more details. Tau Sigma will be participating in academic, social, and service events each semester.

We will announce meetings, social activities, service opportunities, etc. on this website and on Facebook. Please feel free to contact any officer or the faculty advisor with questions or concerns.

Schedule a meeting

Please email to request a meeting.

To stay up today and learn more about our social media accounts and GroupMe chats, please email us at

Think 30

Where will you be in four years?

Most undergraduate degrees at UCF require 120 credit hours. Enrolling in and completing 30 credit hours each year can help you stay on track for a four-year graduation. But graduating in four years won’t just save you time — you can save money and earn more in your career, too. With 12 credit hours on your schedule, you’re considered a full-time student — but will you graduate on time? Make a plan today. You could save money, start grad school sooner, or earn more in your career.


There are many ways to complete 30 credit hours each year. Would you rather earn 15 credits in spring and fall, or take a couple of classes each summer? Perhaps an online class can round out your schedule? If you’re not sure where to start, your academic advisor is here to help. Together you can make a graduation plan that works best for your major, skills and interests.


Preparing for your first career or graduate school can be overwhelming. Practical experiences such as job shadowing, internships and research opportunities can make you a more competitive candidate to future employers. Take advantage of resources on campus that can help you prepare for interviews, refine your résumé and secure financial assistance. Be proactive to ensure you make time for these valuable opportunities.


Higher education is an investment in your future. However, college can be expensive. Additional years of schooling will increase your educational expenses and delay wages. The choices you make today about financing your college education can have a long-term impact. Each additional year of college beyond four years means an average of $48,000 in lost wages. Seek help when it comes to financial aid and determining what are the best options for you in financing your college education.


Preparing for your next steps and following your plan is a great strategy to ensure success. There are many ways to Think 30 (including courses during the summer or online to help you navigate your schedule). You can do it. UCF is here to help.