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Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors and Careers

About Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors and Careers

Tuesday, February 28-Thursday, March 2

Does choosing a major feel like getting a toothache? It doesn’t have to be so painful! There is a SWEETER SIDE to choosing a major or career.

“Sweeter Side” takes place from February 28th until March 2nd with workshops and activities to help you explore majors and discover career options. Visit the full schedule of events below!

Don’t miss the RESOURCE FAIR on the Thursday, March 2nd:

“Sweeter Side” Resource Fair

Thurs, March 2nd | Student Union, Pegasus Ballroom
Doors open @ 10:30am for major/career assessment lab Resource fair from 11:00am-1:00pm

Join Us!
Explore colleges, campus departments, and academic student organizations in one place! Plus, free stuff and snacks!

Come early when doors open at 10:30am to take a major/career assessment in the Candy and Careers Assessment Lab! Use your assessment results to navigate the resource fair and your personal major exploration journey.

Registration opens January 23rd
Find all Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors & Careers events in Handshake Events
Search #SweeterSide23 and sign-up to attend

Hosted by the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center and Career Services

Why should you attend “Sweeter Side”?

All undergraduate students are encouraged to attend this event! There are many benefits to attending especially if you are:

  • Considering a possible major change
  • Currently Undeclared and need help deciding on a major
  • Interested in learning more about available campus resources
  • Interested in connecting with staff from your college/department
  • Curious to learn about minors and/or certificates

Event Participation

Students may participate in all sessions of interest.  

All sessions will be posted on Handshake. Students are encouraged to RSVP in advance. After RSVPing, you will receive a confirmation email that contains information about the sessions you plan to attend, and how to join each session during Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors & Careers.

Schedule of Events

Visit Handshake to register for the sessions below. Registration is recommended and space at in-person events is limited. Click on a tab below to view that day’s events.

Tuesday, February 28


KMETC Major Exploration Info Session

Join the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center for an overview of their major exploration resources and to reflect on your own major exploration journey.

Hosted by Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center
Student Union, Room 224


You’re in MAJOR Luck

You’re in MAJOR luck Knights! On February 28th from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in Student Union Room 224, Peer Coaches from the Knights Major Exploration & Transition Center will be hosting our St. Patrick’s Day themed event!  

Join us in an open, round table discussion about major exploration and enjoy some treats while you’re at it. Our Peers will be hosting this event to help guide anyone who might feel their major isn’t right for them or need to talk to someone about being undeclared from students who have been undeclared at UCF before! All while having some fun for the holiday! 

This event will be hosted directly after our KMETC Info Session, so if you’re wanting to hang out and get some more information and snacks with our Peer Coaches, you are welcome! 

THIS EVENT IS WALK-IN STYLE AND DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO STAY THE WHOLE TIME. Anyone is free to come and leave at any point in time.  

Hosted by KMETC Major Exploration Peer Coaches
Student Union, Room 224


Major in Happiness

Undecided about your major? Not sure which career direction to pursue? Attend this workshop to learn how your values, interests, personality, and skills intersect for a career that works for you.

Hosted by Career Services
CSEL, Room 121 and on Zoom

Wednesday, March 1

10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm

Career Exploration Lab

Experiencing “career confusion”? We’re here to help! Visit Career Services during our Drop-In Career Lab to explore careers that fit your major and interests. Bring your own laptop and take a career assessment, discover career pathways, and learn next steps to connect education to employment.

Hosted by Career Services
CSEL, Room 115


“Helping” Major Info Session

KMETC will overview UCF majors ideal for students interested in helping people. * Undecided Nursing students may use this info session to satisfy their 1-hour Major Exploration Program advising appointment requirement.

Hosted by Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center
CSEL, Room 121 and on Zoom

Thursday, March 2


Candy and Career Assessments

Take a major/career assessment and use your results to navigate the resource fair and other major exploration events throughout the week.

Hosted by Career Services
Student Union, Pegasus Ballroom


Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors & Careers Resource Fair

Speak with colleges, departments, and academic RSOs about their resources and opportunities for all students (whether you have a declared major or not) at UCF.

Hosted by Knights Major Exploration & Transition Center and Career Services
Student Union, Pegasus Ballroom


KMETC Virtual Major Exploration Walk-Ins

Did you attend Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors & Careers sessions but still have major exploration questions? Chat with a major exploration advisor virtually to dive a little deeper into your own experience and how to proceed.

Hosted by Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center
Via Zoom Session

How to Prepare for Explore the Sweeter Side of Majors and Careers

Click on the tabs below to expand for more information.

Before “Sweeter Side”

Sign up for “Sweeter Side” in Handshake

Login to Handshake and search #SweeterSide23 to see the schedule of events and identify which sessions you plan to attend.

Don’t forget to RSVP! Mark off enough time on your personal calendar to attend each session and be sure to set a reminder ahead of time.

Complete a Self-Assessment

There are a variety of major exploration resources to help you get started. Start by completing a self-exploration assessment to identify your goals, skills, and areas of interest.

Explore Majors and Evaluate your Options

Review the list of majors offered at UCF. Click on each major that interests you and read its description. Keep track of the majors that interest you most. Narrow your list to the majors you would most like to learn more about during Major Exploration Week.

During “Sweeter Side”

Prepare Questions to Ask

Example questions to ask can include:

  • What are the required courses for this major?
  • Is there a minimum GPA required to be accepted into the major?
  • What jobs do UCF graduates obtain with this degree?
  • Will a bachelor’s degree in this major prepare me for a job in this field, or will I need to pursue a graduate degree?
  • What would I learn about when studying this major?
  • Do I need to declare the major before I can take these courses?
  • Does this major require that I complete a minor?
  • What are some examples of internships, research opportunities and/or clubs that are associated with this major? Where can I find more information about them?

The More the Merrier!

Invite a friend along and shout us out on social media using the hashtag: #SweeterSide23

After “Sweeter Side”

Schedule an Appointment

Secure an appointment with your academic advising office to discuss your major and your course options moving forward.

Explore your Options

If you are still unsure about your major and want to continue exploring your options, schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center (407-823-3165).

Run a “What-If” Report

Ask your advisor to help you run a What If Audit report to determine how your courses will be applied in a different major.

Declare your Major!

When you are ready, declare your major or minor!