Evaluating the benefits of multi-modal investments on promoting travel mobility in Central Florida - Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering

With growing emphasis in Florida’s urban regions on non-auto mobility – public transit, pedestrian and bicyclist modes – it is useful to develop methods that accommodate the potential adoption of non-auto modes within the mobility planning process. Toward this end, the proposed research employs an existing regiol model framework to study multi-modal mobility for the Central Florida region. The model will predict the tendency for auto vs non-auto mode choice by individual citizens, and the resulting increase in mobility, based on the level of transit and non-motorized investments to help improve travel forecasting accuracy.

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Start Date: 1/1/2020 - End Date: 5/10/2020

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Help with Data Processing and Prelimiry Alysis

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  • Date Posted: 10-11-2017
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    • Orlando (Main Campus)
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