Research using ultrafast lasers and ion/electron spectroscopy - Physics

We use ultrafast lasers to investigate charge dynamics in atoms and molecules. We are currently building a brand new research lab. The undergraduate student will participate in the construction of high vacuum parts for an Extreme Ultraviolet laser beam line and an advanced electron/ion spectrometer, and of optical diagnosis devices. The work involves designing and machining parts, building electronic devices, setting up optical paths, and testing devices.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/10/2022 - End Date: 4/27/2022

Students Needed

Type of Project


Student Responsibilities

The student would perform calculations, read literatures, make modeling drawings, and build/assembly devices and test them. All aspects would be performed under the direct supervision of the PI, a graduate student, or postdoc. The time commitment for spring semester is up to 10 hours per week, according to the student's availability.

Time Commitment

10 hours hour(s)

Student Requirements

Must have passed or be taking PHY 2049. Must have completed EHS Laser Safety (EHS 309). Must have passed or be taking courses covering geometric optics.

Interested in Working With the Following Programs

For EXCEL URE Students Only

Additional Notes

Position Overview

  • Date Posted: 10-08-2020
  • Location:
    • Orlando (Main Campus)
  • Paid: Yes