SMM Assistant - Tourism, Events, & Attractions

– We are working on the Tourism Impacts research project aimed at developing new methods, models, and recommendations for tourism statistics and exploring the impacts of tourism development on residents’ quality of life, health, and well-being.
– Results at each stage of the project will be disseminated through the project website, social media accounts, etc., and all data collected during the project should be publicly available on the website in the form of charts, analytics dashboards, GIS maps, CSV datasets, and reports.
– We are ready to invite 2 undergraduate research assistants to help with the visualization of data (Data Visualization Assistant) and dissemination of project results in Social Media (SMM Assistant).
– The SSM Assistant should have some SMM experience with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., and willingness to learn how to disseminate and promote research results.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/10/2022 - End Date: 4/15/2022

Students Needed

Type of Project


Student Responsibilities

• Using social media marketing tools (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to promote project results • Researching social media trends related to the topic of research

Time Commitment

5-10 hours a week hour(s)

Student Requirements

- Creative vision; - Passion for learning; - Some experience with social media marketing platforms; - Experience with online video sharing services (YouTube, TikTok, etc.). - Interest in tourism research. We will provide training and guidance.

Interested in Working With the Following Programs

Independent Research Credit (4912)
Research and Mentoring Program

Additional Notes

The PI for this project is Dr. Alan Fyall, the Associate Dean at the Rosen College.

Position Overview

  • Date Posted: 01-04-2022
  • Research Categories:
    • Social Sciences
    • Tourism
  • Location:
    • Rosen College
  • Paid: No