TEAS (Remote)

Students will be able to complete the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) remotely using Google Chrome + Proctorio. This remote option is available to any student who needs to meet the admissions requirement for the College of Nursing. To secure a testing time slot, students are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a scholastic aptitude assessment that can be used as one component of the selection process for admitting test takers into the College of Nursing.

The ATI TEAS is composed of 170 questions, 20 of which are unscored pretest items. Thus, the number of scored questions on which individuals will be evaluated is 150. The total time allotted to complete the test is 209 minutes. The test is one assessment comprised of four sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage.

The ATI TEAS allows for the use of a four function calculator. However, test takers are not allowed to use their own calculator as a calculator will be embedded within the online version of the exam.

Test takers may purchase the ATI TEAS study manual which can be purchased through the ATI online store.

The Division of Continuing Education at UCF is now offering a TEAS Review program.

The office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works in collaboration with the University Testing Center (UTC) to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations for placement tests must have approval from the SAS office (407-823-2371 or sas@ucf.edu). Note: test takers should allow at least two (2) weeks for SAS and UTC to process the accommodation request once the formal request has been submitted to SAS.

Once UTC receives notification from the SAS office of a test takers testing accommodations, a UTC staff member will notify the student via email.

Note: Test takers seeking to test with accommodations must schedule their appointment time for Monday-Friday at 8:30 AM.

There are two separate registrations and payments required per test:

  • $70 test registration cost paid directly to ATI Testing for the cost of the TEAS using Proctorio will be collected on the day of the exam.
  • $30 proctoring cost paid directly to the University Testing Center via RegisterBlast (this includes a non-refundable convenience fee of $3.50).

Create Your ATI Testing Account

An ATI Testing account is required for every test taker who wishes to take an exam at UTC. If you do not have an account, navigate to the ATI Testing website, click on Create Account,  and complete the user information page.

UCF will be listed under Institution as “U of Central FL Orlando”

Note: All test takers must retain/know their ATI Testing username and password in order to access the exam on test day.

All appointments must be booked a minimum of 24 hours prior to the desired date/time. To schedule an appointment, navigate to RegisterBlast.

After completing the registration process, check your email for the test registration confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you must contact UTC by emailing at: utc@ucf.edu. You will receive a response during normal business hours to check your appointment status.

Rescheduling an Appointment

Appointments may be rescheduled up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled date/time at no cost by following the instructions below. Missed appointments will require full repayment of the test cost; this includes if you cancel or arrive more than 15-minutes late.

How to Reschedule Your Exam

  1. Navigate to www.registerblast.com/ucf/exam
  2. Click the My Account/ My Exams/ My History tab at the top of this page.
  3. Enter the email address you used to initially schedule your exam.
  4. Click the Continue button underneath the email field.
  5. In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email link that is valid for 90 minutes.
  6. Click the link from the email received.
  7. A new window will open with your registration history.
  8. Click the Reschedule link.
  9. A calendar will appear with the available dates for rescheduling purposes.
  10. Click the date and time to reschedule.
  11. After you have completed the step above, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the new test date.

Prior to Test Day

  • Create Your ATI Testing Account: An ATI Testing account is required for every test taker who wishes to complete the TEAS. If you do not have an account, navigate to the ATI Testing website, click on Create Account and complete the user information page.
    • UCF will be listed under Institution as “U of Central FL Orlando.”
  • Watch the Student Orientation Video: This video will walk you through the process of testing with Proctorio. The video can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Testing Equipment: You may find a full list of ATI’s technical requirements at atitesting.com/technical-requirements.
    • Desktop or laptop computer (NO iPads, tablets, or phones are to be used) with the ability to download Google Chrome.
    • Webcam: 320×240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external.
    • Microphone: Any microphone, either internal or external.
  • Browser Requirements: You must have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer. You will not be able to take the proctored assessment with any other browser.
  • Complete a Practice/Dry-Run: To ensure your computer has all the proper hardware required to take the TEAS exam with Proctorio, AT has created a process called a “dry run.” This process allows you to troubleshoot any issues prior to taking the test. It mimics the exams process you will complete before taking your actual exam and only takes about 15-minutes to complete. Performing the dry run is highly recommended. Please ensure that you complete the dry run on the same device in which you will take the TEAS assessment. Have your government-issued identification available for the dry run.
    • Dry-Run limited to 2 attempts.

To access the dry-run:

    1. Log on to your ATI account
    2. Navigate to the My ATI tab in your student account
    3. Select the Test There you will see a box labeled Remote Proctoring Dry Run
    4. Click begin to start your dry run.
    5. Completion of the dry run will show under My Results and on your transcript report.
  • Assessment ID: The afternoon before your test appointment, you will be provided your TEAS Assessment ID Number from utc@ucf.edu. This number is required in order for you to launch your exam.
    • Test takers scheduled on a Monday will receive this email the Friday before their exam session.

Test Day

  • Identification Policy: Test takers are required to present one (1) primary form of government-issued identification that includes photograph and signature. For additional details on our acceptable ID policy, please navigate to the Acceptable IDs page.
  • Launching the Exam: The day before your scheduled exam, you should have received an email from utc@ucf.edu with your Assessment ID Number. In order to launch your exam, this number is required to complete the pre-test procedures.
  • Payment for TEAS: On test day, after you enter the TEAS assessment ID, you will follow the instructions for paying for the TEAS assessment.
  • Communication with UTC: During the test you will not be able to speak or chat with the UTC Proctor. If you need help with the testing system, there are tools available to you on the screen. Questions about the actual test can only be asked outside of the testing period. You can send an email to utc@ucf.edu either before the test begins or after.
  • Allowed Materials: You are allowed to use a single sheet of blank scratch paper and a pencil. It is not to be used before the exam and must be destroyed following the completion of the exam. following the completion of the exam be used before the exam and must be destroyed

The re-test policy for test takers taking ATI TEAS for admission to the UCF College of Nursing is:

  • Regardless of any testing center’s policy, UCF College of Nursing allows applicants to take the ATI TEAS three (3) times in a calendar year with 30 days in between attempts.
  • This waiting period for the Re-Test Policy provides the test taker with an opportunity to spend additional time preparing for the exam. The University Testing Center requires a new registration form and payment is required for each re-test appointment.

Test takers taking the ATI TEAS for admission to any other College of Nursing are responsible for checking with that College for their re-test policy information.

ATI TEAS results can be provided to more than one school. Scores are automatically sent to the location where your test was administered (no cost).

  • The UTC provides score information to the UCF College of Nursing on a weekly basis for any test taker who takes the ATI TEAS at UTC for admission to the UCF College of Nursing.
  • If the ATI TEAS is taken at any institution other than UCF, an official Individual Performance Profile report must be sent from ATI directly to the UCF College of Nursing for verification of test score. It must be received before the nursing program application deadline.
  • ATI TEAS results can be sent to additional schools for a fee directly through the ATI website.

If applying for the UCF College of Nursing, please note the following: TEAS V scores will not be accepted after December 31, 2017. Test takers applying for a BSN program after December 31, 2017 must submit the new version, ATI TEAS, score. This does not apply to RNs applying for a post-licensure program.