Math Placement Test (MPT)

The University believes that appropriate placement of students into certain course sequences is important to help foster an environment of success. The UCF Math Placement Test (MPT) is administered to determine placement into the mathematics course sequence. The MPT will help students, with the assistance of their academic advisors, select math courses in which they are most prepared and will likely be successful.

Virtual Help Desk

The University Testing Center is now offering live virtual hours about the MPT for students. The help desk is an interactive zoom session, where students can be assisted with:

  • Locating & accessing webcourses.
  • Accessing the practice and placement tests
  • Accepting the Privacy Policy
  • Re-sending a webcourses invitation
  • Common questions regarding:
    • MPT and AP/IB/Dual Enrollment
    • MPT “To Do” list
    • Practice tests

Virtual Help Desk hours are held throughout the week:

Day Time
Monday-Friday  3:30 – 4:30 PM

For any other questions and further assistance, please contact MPT at This includes:

  • Past due tests
  • Retake requests
  • Re-access to tests
  • Transfer student test eligibility/payment
  • Testing accommodations
  • MPT scores
  • Request more in-depth information about the MPT

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