Math Placement Test (MPT)


Starting May 8th, 2023, UCF has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protection for all faculty, staff and students to access their Webcourses accounts.

As a student in the Math Placement webcourse, you will need to enroll in MFA via one of the options that pop-up when you first sign in to webcourses. Most students will need to use either the Duo mobile app or Microsoft Authenticator app. Please view this short video for instructions about how to log in to with multi factor authentication.


If you are having trouble with the MFA process, UCF IT Servicedesk and Webcourses@UCF Support can both help: 407-823-5117 and 407-823-0407.


The University believes that the appropriate placement of students into certain course sequences is important to help foster an environment of success. The UCF Math Placement Test (MPT) is administered to determine placement into the mathematics course sequence. The MPT will help students, with the assistance of their academic advisors, select math courses in which they are most prepared and will likely be successful.

Virtual Help Desk

Students who call the University Testing Center for assistance with the MPT can request to join a virtual help desk session. The help desk is an interactive zoom session, where students can be assisted with:

  • Locating & accessing webcourses.
  • Accessing the practice and placement tests
  • Accepting the Privacy Policy
  • Re-sending a webcourses invitation
  • Common questions regarding:
    • MPT and AP/IB/Dual Enrollment
    • MPT “To Do” list
    • Practice tests

*This on-demand service is available during business hours when MPT staff are available. If all MPT staff are assisting others at the time of your call, you may leave a message and a staff member will get back to you.

For other questions or further assistance, please use the math placement contact form.

This includes:

  • Past due tests
  • Retake requests
  • Re-access to tests
  • Transfer student test eligibility/payment
  • Testing accommodations
  • MPT scores
  • Request more in-depth information about the MP

Test Format

The MPT should be completed from home, in one sitting on any computer with a secure and strong internet connection. Students will be allowed 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the 25 algebra questions. If your algebra score is at least 350 of the possible 500 points you will be offered the opportunity to answer 15 trigonometry questions and 15 precalculus questions. You will have 1 hour 15 minutes for each of the trigonometry and precalculus sections. Completing the trigonometry and precalculus practice and placement tests are optional but highly recommended.  The algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus tests do not have to be taken consecutively on the same day. Students have an unlimited number of attempts for the practice tests.


Math Placement Test (MPT) retakes are taken in-person at the University Testing Center on the main UCF campus in Orlando. More information about pricing and availability can be found on Registerblast here.

Testing Accommodations

The office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works in collaboration with the University Testing Center (UTC) to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations for placement tests must have approval from the SAS office (407-823-2371 or Note: test-takers should allow at least two (2) weeks for SAS and UTC to process the accommodation request once the formal request has been submitted to SAS.

Once UTC receives notification from the SAS office of a test-taker’s testing accommodations, a UTC staff member will notify the student via email.

Note: Test-takers seeking to retake a test with accommodations must schedule their in-person appointment time for Monday-Friday at 12:45 PM or earlier.