Incoming Freshmen

All incoming freshmen must complete the MPT, including those who have already received accelerated credit (AP/IB/dual enrollment).

Incoming freshmen are strongly recommended to complete the MPT prior to attending Orientation. Students who have their MPT results available at Orientation will be able to receive assistance from their academic advisor to select the most appropriate math course. If the MPT is not completed prior to Orientation delays in registration for mathematics courses may result. The MPT should be taken from the convenience of a computer with a secure and strong internet connection.

Steps to access and complete the MPT:

  1. Login to UCF Webcourses.
  2. On your dashboard select the “Math Placement” course.
  3. Read ALL instructions carefully.
  4. Take the required Algebra practice test and placement test.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Math Placement test, please complete the math placement contact form for further assistance.


Visit this website to view a listing of College Academic Advising Offices if you have questions about course requirements.