UIA Monitoring Advising Analytics to
Promote Success (MAAPS) Grant

Together with our UIA partners across the country, UCF is engaged in a four-year, $8.9 million Department of Education First in the World grant to evaluate the effectiveness of advising on increasing retention, progression, and graduation rates for low-income and first-generation students. Via randomized control trial of 10,000 students across 11 UIA member campuses, we are scaling and assessing the delivery of systematic, proactive, analytics-based advising interventions on traditionally underserved college students. UCF’s MAAPS advisors are assigned to follow and support a population of approximately 500 first time in college students, from entry to graduation.

Meet the MAAPS Team

Ryan Goodwin, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator (PI)

Maribeth Ehasz, Ph.D.

Vice President, SDES

DeLaine Priest, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, SDES

Jason Dodge, Ed.D

Director, Transfer and Transition Services

Grant Mohi, IR Data Analyst

Analytics and Decision Support

Andre Watt, Associate Director

Analytics and Decision Support

ToCarra Jordan, Coordinator

Academic Advising Services

Tracy Griffith, Coordinator

Academic Advising Services

Danielle Aming, Coordinator

Academic Advising Services

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