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High-Impact Practice (HIP) Scholars

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High Impact Practice (HIP) Scholars is a two-semester commitment for students to have a guided journey through exploring their interest in a HIP and then participating in a funded HIP experience.

Accepting new scholars every Spring semester

             Check back in Fall for application

Program Description:

High-Impact Practices provide students with an opportunity to expand their learning inside and outside of the classroom whether that be through undergraduate research, internships, studying abroad or other hands-on learning experiences. The High-Impact Practices (HIP) Scholar’s program provides a platform for students to explore their interests and get involved in a HIP experience. These include faculty-mentored research experiences or a community engagement opportunity.

Students accepted into the program spend the first semester in the exploratory program phase. Scholars who successfully secure an experience will move into the structured HIP experience (research or community-based experience) for the second semester. Students who move into a structured opportunity will receive a $2,000 stipend for their involvement in our educational milestones. This program is sponsored by a U.S. Department of Education Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) grant (P031S20083) in collaboration with the Division of Student Success and Well-Being and the Office for HSI Initiatives in the University Relations Division.

Student Eligibility:

  1. All majors with a 2.75 GPA or higher (UCF and/or cumulative)
  2. Sophomore or Junior status at the time of application with at least 30 credit hours completed at UCF or a state college
  3. At least two additional semesters remaining at UCF
  4. Full-time (12 credit hours) status in Spring or Fall (while in the Exploratory program), minimum part-time (6 credit hours) status Spring, Summer, or Fall semester of HIP experience
  5. Successful completion of the program includes the ability to participate in a time-intensive HIP opportunity in the second semester (135 hours total). Interest in getting involved in on-campus research experience with UCF faculty OR a community-based engagement experience.

Due to the nature of the program, UCF Online students are not eligible. Please contact to learn more about other opportunities and to connect with an HIP PeerKnights Coach.

Preference Given To:

Pell Grant eligible, transfer, and/or first-generation college students (Neither parent has earned a bachelor’s degree in the U.S.)


Commitment encouraged to meet the program educational outcomes

  • One-on-One meetings with HIP leadership: 5 hours
  • Professional development events: 4 hours
  • HIP Scholars kickoff, retreat, and closing: 10 hours
  • To be successful in the program, students should plan to commit at least 18 hours throughout the semester.

Structured Experience:

Commitment encouraged to meet the program educational outcomes

  • One-on-One meetings with HIP leadership: 2 hours
  • HIP Experience: 10 – 20 hours/week
  • HIP Scholars closing: 3 hours
  • Students who are successful in the program should plan to commit 135 hours  throughout the semester.

Program Benefits:

  1. Get one-on-one mentoring and support
  2. Create a personalized map of your journey
  3. Guidance through the program
  4. Join a community of scholars
  5. Attend Scholars’ events and workshops
  6. Receive $2,000 stipend
  7. Pipeline into other programs and experiences

Application Cycle:

Accepting scholars each Spring semester

Applications will open in Fall for Spring semester

Check back soon!

Questions: Email or give us a call at (407) 882–2300