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George Walters-Marrah

From Myth to Reality

Until George Walters-Marrah ’20 went into a UCF lab for the first time, he didn’t know if scientists existed. The first-generation college graduate will continue being one at Stanford this fall.

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Dr. Luciana Garbayo with Jacob Howard

Garbayo is a Master Mentor

Dr. Luciana Garbayo was named the first-ever recipient of the Florida Undergraduate Research Association’s (FURA) Faculty Mentor of the Year award.

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Aseela Samsam, Sean Glatch, Jenna Dovvdaitis, and Gustavo Camero

Undergrads at State Capital

On February 10, undergraduate researchers from across the State of Florida convened at the State Capital to share projects with state legislatures. Four students are represented UCF.

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