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Getting Started – Test Mode vs. Live Mode

January 15, 2020
Test Mode: displays information based on the student’s record and the ideal plan of study. Live Mode: displays edits that a student has made to their plan. Any changes made in Live Mode will become part of the student’s plan.

Accessing Pegasus Path without Advisor Access – Faculty

August 21, 2019
If you haven’t been assigned advisor access, you can still access Pegasus Path.   1. Log in to the myUCF portal and click on Staff Applications from the menu on the left.   2. Next, click on Campus Solutions from the list of options that appear.   3. Click on Main Menu at the top and select Academic…

Remove a course from a student’s plan – Faculty

August 21, 2019
You have the option of removing courses from a student’s plan. To do this, click on the Remove icon located next to the Advisor Message column.   A reason for removing the course is required. For example, if the student is taking the course at another school, select I’m taking this course transient from the dropdown…

Add an Advisor Message – Faculty

August 21, 2019
This function allows you to add messages for the student. You can leave messages for specific courses or co-curricular activities/tasks. Make sure that you’re in Live Mode before proceeding.   1. To leave a message, scroll down and navigate to the Advisor Message column.   2. Click on the pencil icon and you’ll be taken to a…

Getting Started – Faculty

July 11, 2019
There are two different ways to access Pegasus Path, depending on whether or not you have been assigned advisor access.   1. Log in to the myUCF portal and click on Faculty/Advisor Self-Service from the menu on the left.   2. Select Advisors from the list of options that appears and then select View my Advisees.   3.…