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Plan to Apply to Graduate Programs

Purpose: Scholars will start thinking about an action plan for graduate school applications.

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Graduate School Application Action Plan

This lesson is best for students who have completed courses in their field and are engaging in research, or experiential learning opportunities. Now, complete this lesson if you are convinced that attending graduate school is the next step for you after graduation.

Applications for graduate school open in the fall and take great preparation. Prepare an action plan. Consider which parts of each application needs to be completed and the accompanying deadlines.

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Planning for Graduate School Applications

In this video, AAP Scholar and current graduate student, Chance Brewer, shares with us his experience planning for graduate school applications and narrowing down his larger list to a viable list of graduate programs to apply to.

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Important Resources

The worksheet linked below is provided courtesy of The Career Center at the University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign.

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Suggested Assignment

Assignment #24

Re-evaluate the List of Graduate School Programs of Interest

Purpose: Scholars will revisit and reevaluate the list of graduate school programs they compiled in the previous Module 3A. Identify Graduate Programs and Schools. For assistance schedule a visit with AAP Peer Advisors.

Download Assignment: 4a_activity_one


Save Your Work: Complete the assignment by typing in the boxes in the PDF below and downloading the document for your records.

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Graduate Programs

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