About Us

The Office of Data and Strategic Projects

The Office of Data and Strategic Projects (DSP) is part of the Division of Student Learning and Academic Success and College of Undergraduate Studies.


The Office of Data and Strategic Projects will become an exemplary pioneer in data analysis and project management in Higher Education.


The Office of Data and Strategic Projects (DSP) provides guidance and support to enhance student retention, graduation, and success. To achieve the UCF Collective Impact for student success, DSP facilitates evidence-based decision-making through proactive analysis, reporting, and the divisional assessment process. DSP leverages advising technology, scales the use of analytics, and facilitates strategic projects to increase student retention and graduation.


The Office of Data and Strategic Projects seeks to achieve four key goals:

  1. Provide proactive and accurate insights through effective data analysis and reporting.
  2. Lead efforts throughout the division to ensure assessment is completed thoroughly and consistently.
  3. Support the advising community by leveraging advising technology and analytics.
  4. Increase success for all students by facilitating strategic projects to increase retention and graduation.


In order to achieve the vision, mission, and goals established for the Office of Data and Strategic Projects, we are:

  1. Evidence-Based: We leverage the known to explore the unknown.
  2. Collaborative: To go far, we must go together.
  3. Pioneering: New solutions are required to address complex challenges.
  4. Proactive: We plan for tomorrow to support our stakeholders today.
  5. Dynamic: We will rise to meet new challenges in order to help all students succeed.