Academic Coaching & Engagement (ACE) PeerKnights Program

The ACE PeerKnights Coaches provide one-on-one, ongoing peer academic coaching to help build your study skills and success habits. Each semester brings new classes and instructors with new teaching methods, which calls for new skills and strategies for success in the classroom.

You choose the session topic. ACE PeerKnights Coaches can help you in many areas, including:

  • Time management & organizational skills
  • Study skills & test prep
  • Textbook reading & note-taking
  • Succeeding in online courses
    • Navigating Webcourses
    • Understanding different course modalities (mixed-mode, online, video-enhanced, etc.)
    • Using the syllabus to plan for the semester in an online course
  • Motivation & goal setting
  • Stress management & overall wellness
  • Campus resources & opportunities

*Please note: ACE PeerKnights Coaching is not tutoring; coaches do not provide subject-specific assistance.

Get Started!

Take this short quiz to find out your academic strengths and weaknesses. Once you learn your results, schedule an appointment with an ACE PeerKnights Coach to discuss your areas of growth!

Meet your ACE PeerKnights Coaches

Your ACE PeerKnights Coaches are UCF students with 3.0 or higher UCF GPA. They have received intensive training as well as learned from their own experiences! ACE PeerKnights Coaches are available to meet with you regularly throughout the semester and check in on your progress, as well as help keep you accountable for the goals and action plans devised in previous sessions. Check out to learn more about each coach!

Schedule an Appointment

The ACE appointment form is now available for scheduling.

The ACE PeerKnights Coaching is open to all students currently enrolled at UCF. Please fill out the ACE appointment form online here to schedule your first 60-minute session. An ACE staff member will follow up with you within 1–2 business days via email to confirm your appointment time. Be sure to add the email address to your Knights email account to ensure the confirmation is delivered to your email inbox.

NOTE: If you need to reschedule or cancel a previously scheduled appointment please use the same appointment form linked above.

Provide Feedback about the ACE Program

Did you have one or more ACE sessions this semester? If so, please take a few moments to fill out this survey. We adapt the program and our coaches’ training based on student feedback, so we value your input.

ACE Student Referral Form

If there is an undergraduate student currently enrolled at UCF that you believe would benefit from the ACE program, please complete the ACE Student Referral Form online here.

Group Academic Coaching Session Request

If you are interested in having SARC staff host an Academic Coaching session for a small group (5–10 individuals) you may complete the Group Academic Coaching Request online here. Requests can be made from staff, faculty, or students who want assistance with a similar topic. Requests will be accommodated as availability permits.

Student Testimonials

“The ACE program as a whole helped me realize my potential as a Knight… if it weren’t for my ACE coaching sessions, I would have never acquired the skills needed to live up to my fullest potential.”

“I sincerely enjoyed the ability to be a part of the program. I felt it influenced me very positively and definitely made me motivated to make both my coach and myself happy.”

“If it weren't for the ACE program along with my ACE coach, I don't know how I would've found the motivation to get myself out of academic probation. I am so grateful to have been put into this wonderful program. Thank you to you and your team for showing me what I am truly capable of achieving and for giving me hope!”