Welcome to SARC! We are the learning center on campus where students can access high-quality academic support programs and services, which you can read about below. All of our offerings help UCF students develop college-level study skills and achieve the highest standard of academic excellence.

SARC Services

Peer Tutoring

 SARC provides free small group peer tutoring to students enrolled in undergraduate courses associated with the current UCF semester’s schedule. All Peer tutoring sessions take place online with limited in-person sessions in the SARC Lab located in TCH 117; and also at UCF’s Downtown campus in Dr. Phillips Academic Commons Room 330 . Appointment are necessary and students may leave a tutoring session as needed.

SARC now offers individual peer tutoring for students enrolled in undergraduate courses. Individual tutoring sessions are one hour in length and take place exclusively online. Appointments must be scheduled online in advance. Please note that you can only make appointments for classes you are currently enrolled in.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides a series of weekly study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. In SI, you will be guided through course material by your SI leader, a student who has taken the course and earned an “A.” SI Leaders attend the courses they support and use their knowledge to help you master course content and develop effective study skills.

In the (ACE) Program, academic coaches help students develop important academic and life skills such as organization, time management, study skills, online learning, and goal setting. ACE coaches can meet with students regularly throughout the semester to provide students the opportunity to check in on their progress, stay accountable for the goals and action plans devised in previous sessions, and become more engaged in campus life and organizations.

Each semester SARC provides all UCF students an opportunity to continually enhance their learning and study skills through a series of Academic Success Workshops. Topics include test preparation, time management, textbook reading, note-taking, and more. Workshops are live streamed and recorded via the link in the schedule then uploaded to the SARC YouTube channel.

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