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Get Involved and Give Back

Purpose: Scholars will learn about the importance of serving their community. In this module scholars will find and sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

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Engage your Community

It is important to know that you are more than just a student. You are a member of the community. What better way to expand your network, serve your community and learn something new than through a volunteer experience.

Graduate schools love to see how you apply your skills for the good of others. Fellowships, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), require students to demonstrate how their research interests and career goals create a broader impact. Engaging your community early in your career demonstrates the longevity of your commitment to creating a broader impact.

Volunteer UCF is an institutional resource that helps students network with various non-profit entities in Central Florida. This is a great way to start getting involved in your community. For more information visit their website here.

Read this blog to learn more about the Ultimate Guide to getting involved at UCF. In the blog, the author links to various ways for each student to find their community at UCF.

A quick google search will reveal more opportunities. Reach out to local public schools and offer gratuitous tutoring. Try to find service opportunities that closely relate to your field of study, your academic goals or your identity.

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Suggested Assignment

Suggested Assignment

Assignment #6

Search for RSOs and Other Opportunities

Purpose: Scholars will research available volunteer opportunities where they can apply their skills for the good of their community. For assistance schedule a visit with AAP Peer Advisors
Time: 20 minutes
Instructions: Search for RSOs and Other Opportunities

Save Your Work: Complete the assignment by typing in the boxes in the PDF below and downloading the document for your records.

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