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Further Explore Grad Prep Resources from AAP

Make sure to stay tuned to the many various events and resources AAP offers scholars every semester. Explore resources from AAP and our partners, like the Wellness Center on both main campus and Downtown campus.

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Resources from Academic Advancement Programs


Workshops are available every semester. Visit AAP’s Website to find our workshops for this semester.

Grad Prep Advising

This video features AAP Pre-Grad Advisors. Schedule an appointment with them today on AAP’s Website.

Structured Programs

This video features an AAP staff member, in which they outline the different programs and services offered to UCF students. Find more information on AAP’s website.

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Other Resources at UCF

  • Mindful Minute
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Sleep Program
  • Eating healthy on a student budget
  • Napercise group exercise
  • Downtown Location and Hours

Research Roadmaps Checkpoint

Check in with the Grad School Checklist below. Where are you at in learning about each piece in your graduate school preparation journey? What other questions do you have? Utilize the resources above to actively learn more about each piece of your checklist.