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Lead in Your Community

Purpose: Scholars will learn how participating in organizations and volunteering helps build invaluable professional and leadership skills.  In this module scholars will think of ways they can take on active roles in volunteer opportunities and professional organizations..

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Joining Professional Organizations at UCF and Beyond

In the module Building we covered the importance of volunteering and creating community. Now is time to think of different ways you can form community, this time around your field of interest. For a listing of student organizations at UCF click here. Ask your colleagues and faculty mentors for suggestions.

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Taking on and learning from leadership Roles

Here AAP scholars discuss the importance of joining and actively participating in professional and/or volunteering organizations, like SACNAS.

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Leadership Roles 

Whether you create your own organization or become the vice president of an existing organization, adopting leadership roles is an excellent way to prepare for your career. It teaches invaluable skills about collaborating in and orchestrating large groups in order to accomplish great goals. It demonstrates to admissions committees that you have social skills and the professional capacity to plan and make projects into a reality.

Develop strong relationships with faculty sponsors and other leaders of the organization. It is a great way to gain mentors and possible recommendations.

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Important Resources

Consider joining UCF Knights of Distinction for details on how you can become involved in your community at UCF and in Greater Orlando. For more information click here.

For assistance on crafting an efficient resume and advertising your skills consult the following links:

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The Importance of Time Management

Engaging in your community is great, but it can also be time consuming. Be mindful that your grades and research also matter, so dedicate enough time to all three. It is a difficult task that is manageable with careful planning. Make sure that you perfect the art of saying no when necessary. You will not be able to do everything, some things will have to give.

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Managing time wisely between research, coursework and volunteering

Try using the time-tracker in the t-STEM website to help balance your time between academics, work, health, and personal life. Where you spend your time communicates priorities to graduate school application reviewers. Be honest when reporting your time so that you can see where your priorities lie. Do you need to change the amount of time that you spend on one category?

In the video below, AAP scholars discuss strategies they use to maintain a healthy balance between volunteering and grades.

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