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Build Your Budget for Grad School

Purpose: Scholars will gain financial literacy to save for future graduate school expenses.

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Savings Budget for Graduate School

Create A Savings Plan for Graduate School Preparation

In this episode, Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) at UCF presents our guest, Sire Kassama, is a biotechnology graduate of University of Central Florida (UCF). Sire and Colleen Smith, a Grad Prep Advisor, explores how to create a savings plan for graduate school expenses.

Music: “We Made It” by CC 2.5.

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College Student Budgeting

Take a look at this blog post on detailing a college student’s budget.

When creating your own budget, remember to add a line for graduate school savings. You’ll be surprised how quickly the money adds up over time.

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UCF Wellness and Health Promotion Services

Couponing 101

This video from WHPS explains how to cut down on costs. Is your budget to large for food or other shopping costs? Watch this video to learn more about couponing so that you can save more money for your grad prep budget.

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Build Your Grad School Prep Budget as a College Student

Watch the video below, by Sire Kassama, to learn more about how to use the budget spreadsheet for the suggested assignment at the end of this topic.

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Financial Literacy & Budgeting Resources

Personal Finance Resource from UCF Alum

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Suggested Assignment

Assignment #18

Savings Budget for Graduate School
Purpose: Scholars will assess their current expenses and expected costs for testing and applying to graduate school. They will create a budget that permits them to save and prepare in advance for these costs. For assistance schedule a visit with AAP Peer Advisors.

Download Assignment: Create Your Savings Budget for Grad School, Monthly Income Estimate, & Monthly Budget Template

Instructions: Create your savings budget for graduate school by reviewing each document and spreadsheet. Breakdown your incoming money and list your outgoing money, or bills, to understand how much you can afford to save.

Save Your Work: Complete the assignment by typing in the boxes in the PDF below and downloading the document for your records.

Save Your Work: Use the spreadsheet by downloading the spreadsheet here for your records, then editing the spreadsheet.

Save Your Work: Use the spreadsheet by downloading the spreadsheet here for your records, then editing the spreadsheet.

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