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Implement Healthy Habits

Purpose: Scholars will identify healthy habits and their usefulness in graduate school.

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Maintaining Healthy Habits in Grad School

Malkia Williams, an AAP Grad Assistant and a current grad student, discusses ways of implementing healthy habits and coping strategies while applying to and transitioning to graduate school.

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Synchronizing Mind and Body

Your body and mind are intertwined, so take care of both. Students often overemphasize exercising their minds, but often neglect to exercise and nourish their bodies.


Exercise Regularly

It increases blood and oxygen flow to your brain. It reduces stress and enables you to socialize with all types of personalities. Start by finding the exercise routine that works for you. Mix it up; adopt some type of cardio and combine it with exercise that emphasizes mindfulness, such as yoga or meditation. Academic institutions offer recreational facilities that are included in your tuition fees. Take advantage of what you already pay for.


Eat Well

When possible avoid caffeine and processed sugars. Balance your meals by including fruits, vegetables, proteins, and good fats. Eating healthy will make you feel better and energized.


Carve an Hour Out for Yourself

It is necessary for everyone to have guilt-free time to recuperate from a long day of work. Pick a bench at the park to observe your surroundings and eat an apple.


Get Enough Sleep

Getting proper sleep is extremely important for our mental and physical health. Sleep is when your body regenerates and repairs. Make sure you get the hours appropriate for your body, most are fine with 6-8 hours of daily sleep.


Maintain Proper Hygiene

It is easy to neglect ourselves when we are overwhelmed by research and coursework responsibilities. Remember you are not an invincible robot and the small details make all the difference during times of great stress. Refresh by fixing your nails, showering, and cutting your hair. Change your bedsheets and spray soothing lavender scent.

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Maintaining a Healthy Balance

Scholars’ Advice to Staying Healthy During Graduate School

AAP alumni share how they maintain a healthy body and mind amidst their stressful lives as graduate students.

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Other Resources at UCF

Healthy Knight

Healthy Knight Youtube Channel is a great resource to find recipes and how-to videos to make healthy meals on-the-go and on-a-budget. Below is a sample of what you can find on their channel.

Assignment #47

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Suggested Assignment

Suggested Assignment

Assignment #47

Create Goals to Stay Healthy in Grad School

Purpose: Scholars will determine who they can interview and research which questions they can ask. For assistance schedule a visit with AAP Peer Advisors.
Time: 15 minutes
Instructions: Plan for an Informational Interview

Save Your Work: Complete the assignment by typing in the boxes in the PDF below and downloading the document for your records.

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