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CUGS and SLAS Staff Awards Recognition Celebration

Later this spring, the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) and Student Learning and Academic Success (SLAS) will host its inaugural Staff Awards Recognition Celebration. The ceremony will recognize CUGS and SLAS faculty, staff, and students, for exceptional service and commitment to academic success, UCF Knights, and the UCF Community. The event will be held in conjunction with the division’s inaugural CUGS and SLAS conference at the end of the semester. Years of service awards will also be honored during this event. Six awards will be presented.

Undergraduate Student of the Year*: This award recognizes a student team member whose work demonstrates excellence in supporting UCF’s academic success mission.  The award recognizes a student employee who exemplifies going above and beyond to complete a task, meet UCF students’ needs, and support CUGS and/or SLAS internal processes. 

Graduate Student of the Year*: This award recognizes one graduate student who has proven to be capable of taking on responsibilities beyond the job requirements. The student also demonstrated a sustained high level of performance and exceptional commitment to CUGS’ and/or SLAS’ visions, missions, and goals.

Champion of Student Success (A&P & Faculty) *: This award recognizes an employee whose work has had a major impact on CUGS, SLAS, and UCF, who has excelled in the performance of their duties, and has demonstrated exceptional abilities to lead, serve, inspire, and collaborate with broad impact. This award recognizes a staff member who consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence, professionalism, and integrity in the performance of their duties. 

Champion of Student Success (USPS)*: This award recognizes a staff member who has integrated CUGS and SLAS core values into their daily performance. The award recipient has demonstrated excellence in supporting academics, research, student services, outreach, or administration.

Charge On’ Award**: This award (peer-nominated) is awarded to the CUGS or SLAS staff member (OPS, USPS, or A&P), who most exemplifies the college’s or division’s missions, visions, and goals, by supporting colleagues, contributing to student success, and demonstrating the positive spirit of UCF Knights.

Vice Provost’s Team Innovation Award***: This award recognizes a team, department or group of employees that excelled in the use of innovation and collaboration to meet a goal or objective. This team implemented a project or solved a problem that positively impacts CUGS, SLAS or UCF. This nomination will detail how collaboration and innovation were utilized and why the team was effective in achieving success.

*Nomination by director/supervisor, one nomination in each category per supervisor.

**Peer-to-peer nominations.

***Open to all SLAS team members to nominate. 

Award Criteria

  • Nominee should show clear and consistent efforts to support the college’s or division’s missions, visions, and goals.
  • Staff nominee must have worked in unit/division/college for 1+ years and be a full-time employee.
  • Student nominee must have worked in unit/division/college since at least fall 2020 (10+ hours per week) in OPS, FWS, or assistantship positions.