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Who We Are

Academic and peer advisors within the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center work to empower and support UCF undergraduate students in an undeclared designation or in the major exploration process.  Whether you are an entering first-time-in-college (FTIC) student who has not declared a major at the time of orientation or you are undecided about your current major, we’re here to help.

Through participation in the Major Exploration Program (MEP), undeclared students will work with their KMETC advisor and peer advisor to complete a variety of activities in which they are taught how to evaluate and use the results of academic and occupational assessments in selecting majors. Students will receive information and guidance through individual academic advising appointments, workshops, seminars, and collaborative partnerships with other student support offices throughout the campus community. This relationship will continue until the student has chosen an appropriate major.

KMETC also works with students at any point in their academic career that encounter challenges. Our academic and peer advisors assist students in recognizing their successes while also identifying barriers which could prevent the student’s academic accomplishments.  The academic and peer advisors partners with students to establish action plans and assess the student’s personal purpose in the pursuit of their undergraduate degree.

Mission, Vision and Goals


The Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center was established to meet the needs of undeclared undergraduate students at the university. Our professional academic advisors and student peer advisors work with all new and current students who seek assistance in the major exploration process. New first-time-in-college (FTIC) students entering the University will work with our professional academic advisors at the time of orientation and continue assisting these students until the student selects a major. Knights Major Exploration and Transition advisors will then refer the student to a professional academic advisor in their college. The Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center also works with current students who are considering a major change at any time during their undergraduate experience. 


The Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center’s vision is to empower and support all undeclared undergraduate students during their major exploration process.  


  • Provide academic advising for all new and current lowerclassman undergraduate students in an undeclared designation, and during the major exploration process 
  • Provide individualized student support and guidance during the major exploration process due to major redirection 
  • Provide appropriate university resources to promote the academic endeavors of each student 
  • Student peer advisors will support students during the major exploration process and work collaboratively with KMETC academic advisors while the undecided student determines goals and outcomes of their major exploration process 

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UCF Main Campus:

Trevor Colbourn Hall, Suite 133
12796 Aquarius Agora Dr.
Orlando, FL 32816-0160


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday

8:00am – 5:00pm