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Are you interested in becoming a Knight, or been recently accepted and are undecided about your major? If you are a first-time-in-college (FTIC) student, consider starting your college career as Undeclared. Through major exploration, you can discover…

A Universe of Possibilities and Explore Your Path to Your Major!

Undeclared at UCF

A student who has yet to officially declare a major at UCF. Students will work with the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center through the Major Exploration Program.

Undecided at UCF

A student who is interested in an area or field of study, but not a specific major within that area. Student can apply to UCF as Undecided within a college of interest, and work with the specific college for advising and exploring within the college’s disciplines

  • Undecided Arts & Humanities
  • Undecided Business
  • Undecided Community Innovation & Education
  • Undecided Engineering
  • Undecided Health Professions
  • Undecided Sciences

Undeclared Advising

The Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center advises current and active undergraduate UCF students. Prospective students can learn more about being undeclared at UCF and the Major Exploration Program through the UCF Open House program. This program has been designed for prospective and admitted students before their first semester at UCF. Students receive information about different degree programs, why attending UCF is a great experience for students, and to hear directly from faculty in specific program you may interested in.

Undergraduate Admissions is available to answer any questions regarding admissions criteria and residency and in scheduling a campus tour. For more information about UCF Open House click here.

New Knight Orientation

If you have been admitted to UCF, welcome! If you have not registered for orientation, please visit First Year Experience (FYE) to register for the appropriate orientation as soon as possible.

For incoming UCF undeclared students, the process of exploration begins at orientation. Undeclared students can expect to receive information from KMETC leading up to their selected orientation date. Undeclared students will be enrolled in a KMETC Orientation Webcourse and be required to complete modules before attending orientation. Students will attend a presentation given by advisors in KMETC who will work to engage students in the major exploration process by providing them with an opportunity to learn about self-exploration, major assessments, and available resources. Appointments are not available prior to orientation.

Students should plan to have all unofficial transcripts or score reports of any incoming credit to UCF, even if official score reports and transcripts have already been sent to the University. These documents may be used to assist advisors with scheduling planning and selection of courses for future semesters.

Transfer Credit

Prospective Students

Students who have completed coursework at an institution other than UCF, can use the Transfer Credit Equivalency Portal to learn how their credits may transfer into UCF.

Please note: The information in the portal is derived from current transfer credit rules in the UCF system.  If a course is not included in the database, that does not mean it will not transfer. It means that your course(s) must be evaluated by UCF personnel. This evaluation process is done by UCF faculty. KMETC cannot evaluate or make decisions on any incoming coursework.

Incoming Students

Getting credits earned at an out-of-state institution, in-state institution, or community college applied to your University of Central Florida transcript and degree program can be a confusing process if you are not familiar with the UCF campus and basic policies. However, there are steps you can take to make the process flow as smoothly as possible.

Credits are sometimes not applied to an intended requirement. In the following steps, you will see who to contact, what form to fill out, and what information you will need from your transfer institution. Some credits will be transferred automatically, while others may require an evaluation.
Some of your credits may need to be evaluated to determine if you have courses that may satisfy the General Education Program (GEP), Common Program Prerequisites and/or Major Requirements. If you are transferring from a Florida public institution, courses that follow common course numbering (the same prefix and last three numbers) are accepted automatically and will not need further evaluation. Some courses from out-of-state or private institutions may have to be independently evaluated for equivalency.

If you think additional course work should be considered for evaluation, please follow the procedures as outlined through Academic Petitions – Transfer Credit Evaluation Request.