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The KMETC Major Exploration PeerKnights Coaches support undeclared and major exploring students on their major exploration
journey and helps students find a major that they are passionate about. PeerKnights Coaches will help you achieve your goals both personally and academically throughout your journey.

PeerKnight Coaches connect you with various resources offered at UCF, help you build the skills needed to aid in your success. Whether needing help connecting with clubs, finding a great study space on campus, questions about how to explore majors, or support throughout the semester, PeerKnights Coaches are here for you. The KMETC Major Exploration PeerKnights Coaches can provide a unique, shared experience as they too all went through the major exploration process. Now, they have a lot of experience spanning many different areas of UCF and college in general, and are here to share those experiences with you! Even if they cannot give students the answers they are looking for, they can direct you to someone who can!

For more information and or to meet your PeerKnights Coaches visit

What We Do

PeerKnights Coaches ARE

  • Current UCF students, who have also been undecided or gone through a major exploration process.
  • People who have most likely had or are having similar personal and/or academic experiences to you.
  • A mentor you can feel comfortable coming to for help with questions.

PeerKnights Coaches ARE NOT

  • Professional Academic Advisors: while your PeerKnights Coach can offer their own experiences and opinions, questions regarding course schedules, credits, registering for courses, program requirements, or anything of that nature should be directed to an academic advisor rather than your peer coach.
  • Professional Career Advisors: while your PeerKnights Coach can aid you in brainstorming and realizing a career you might be interested in pursuing, we are not trained professional career advisors. If you would like access to a career advisor for resume critiques, cover letter critiques, or interview prep, please contact UCF Career Services.
  • Mental Health Counselors: while peer coaches are fellow students who you can feel comfortable talking with about both personal and academic issues, we are not trained to give serious help and counseling. You should reach out to professional mental health counselors, such as those at CAPS, if you are struggling or need help with your mental health.

Schedule An Appointment

Interested in scheduling an appointment to meet with a Major Exploration PeerKnights Coach? Call the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center and request a major exploration PeerKnights Coach appointment today. 407-823-3165