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The answer to this question will vary based on a range of factors. Your risk for hitting the excess credit hour limit may be influenced by, and not limited to, the following:

  • Your initial starting year and term at UCF
  • Your current class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  • Your total number of credit hours
  • If you have failed, withdrawn, received No Credit/Unsatisfactory grades, or repeated courses
  • If you completed any AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, Dual Enrollment, and/or any other types of college credit while still in high school
  • If you Transferred into UCF vs. starting UCF after high school graduation
  • The potential major that you are considering changing to, and the remaining coursework needed to complete the degree

Your advisor will be able to help you determine where you may stand regarding the excess credit hour limit during one-on-one meetings. Depending on where you stand academically and the majors that you are considering, you may not be at risk for excess hours! For more information on the Excess Credit hour policy and example scenarios of how the Excess Hour surcharge may work, please visit the UCF Registrar’s Office website.