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For incoming UCF students, the process of exploration begins
after registering for orientation. Whether you are attending a FTIC or Transfer
Orientation, undeclared or exploring students should complete the following

  • MyCareerShines – A free
    career and education planning system available to Florida students.

  • Major Confidence Survey – A free online survey
    administered through the Knights Major Exploration & Transition Center and
    Career Services. This activity allows students to explore your selected major
    further, or if you are undecided, explore possible majors that match your
  • Note-will provide hyperlink for the Major
    Confidence Survey.

Once you are on campus for orientation, students will have
the option to follow the Undeclared/Major Exploration student group. During
each of these presentations, students are introduced to the Major Exploration
Program. KMETC advisors and coaches will work to engage students in the major
exploration process by providing them with an opportunity to learn about
academic policies, available resources, and the completion of the major and
career assessments.