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Below you can find a roadmap and strategies for students in the process of exploring different majors and careers. These resources will help you build self-knowledge through educational, occupational and decision-making tools meant to assist students navigate the path of exploration.  

Building Self-Knowledge

• Take assessments to determine your values, interests, personality, and skills
o MyCareerShines – A free career and education planning system available to Florida students.
o MyPlan – A free self-assessment to help students determine their values, interests, personality and skills. Students are then matched to career possibilities based on their preferences. Create an account with the UCF license: XCDDVQAF.

• Meet with a KMETC advisor or coach to discuss your results
• Attend the Majors Fair and exploration workshops
• Get involved in student clubs and organizations

Building Educational Knowledge

• Review the Undergraduate Catalog and develop a tentative list of 2-3 majors to explore further

• Meet with KMETC advisor to discuss your major aspirations and degree requirements

• Take courses in areas of interest that also meet General Education Program (GEP) requirements

Consider enrolling in exploration courses like MHS 2330: Career Planning and SLS 1501: Strategies for Success

Building Decision-Making Knowledge

  • Think about how your values, interests, personality, and skills would align with the major and careers you may choose
  • Reflect on how you integrate your values into your decision-making
  • Think about what actions steps you need to take to follow through with your decision
  • Continue speaking with KMETC advisors and coaches, career counselors, faculty and mentors