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To learn about prerequisites for majors and courses, contact the college’s Office of Undergraduate Affairs at  407-823-3723 or by email.

The college’s Office of Undergraduate Affairs provides advising to students interested or enrolled in CCIE majors. They can answer questions regarding grade forgiveness, course withdrawals, academic standing, readmission, myKnight degree audits, and graduation procedures and reviews. They can also help with academic forms and class scheduling and sequencing. Academic advisors are housed on the main campus and UCF Downtown. To schedule an appointment, contact the office at 407-823-3723 or by email

Academic program coordinators and academic advisors housed within academic departments provide major-specific advising. They’ll be able to answer questions related to admission requirements and deadlines, class scheduling, academic expectations, internship processes and career information.

Your student can schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Affairs at 407-823-3723 or by email

The college offers several program-specific scholarships. Students can learn about available scholarships, application procedures and deadlines by visiting the college’s scholarship webpage. Additionally, education students enrolled in a high-need major may qualify for a TEACH grant.

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Affairs at 407-823-3723 or by email

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