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The college offers a large selection of classes each Fall and Spring semester. Students should register promptly at their assigned registration time to have the best chance of getting a preferred schedule. It is important to note that some courses fill up fast. Students should work with their academic advisors prior to registration to develop a back-up plan.  The academic advisor can help students make adjustments to their schedule that will allow them to progress towards a timely graduation.   

Students are encouraged to contact faculty members in their major and discuss their interest in participating in research.  Faculty’s research interests are denoted on our website. In addition, UCF has many resources for students interested in research. The Office of Undergraduate Research provides many opportunities for research engagement. In addition, The UCF’s Honors College has a program for Honors Undergraduate Thesis with structured research engagement. 

Students should contact their major, minor, or certificate advisor regarding the course. Your student’s academic advisor may request a course substitution on the student’s behalf if appropriate, or your student may be asked to submit a request on ServiceNow to correct the issue on the degree audit.   

Some programs in our college are limited access or restricted access majors. This means that students are not officially accepted into the major/program until they either are accepted or meet the standards for admission. In the meantime, they may see “pending” noted on their declared major. Students should be familiar with the requirements of their desired program and work with their academic advisor for guidance on being accepted into these programs.   

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders  

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (BA)  
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS)  
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (MA)  

Department of Health Sciences  

  • Health Sciences (BS), Pre-Clinical Track 
  • Health Sciences (BS), Health Promotion Track 
  • Health Sciences Minor  

School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy  

  • Kinesiology (BS), Exercise and Sport Physiology Track  
  • Kinesiology (BS), Sport and Athletic Coaching Track 
  • Fitness Training Minor  
  • Sport and Athletic Coaching Minor  
  • Master of Athletic Training (MAT)   

Social Work  

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)  
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)  
  • Public Affairs Ph.D., Social Work Track (Ph.D.)*  
  • Aging Studies Minor  

 *program housed within College of Community Innovation and Education 

Closed classes occur when a class has met its capacity. When a class is closed, students are encouraged to find an alternate section of the course that is open.  Students may also utilize the waitlist option, if it is available for the course. Click here for information regarding the waitlist.     

If students are facing difficulty in a course, it is important that they reach out to their instructor as soon as possible and early in the semester to discuss their concerns and have a plan to succeed in the course. Faculty members are available during their office hours, or students can schedule a meeting to discuss concerns. In addition, there are tutoring resources for some courses and departments at UCF.  

We care about our students’ success and wellbeing. Your student should try to resolve this by first speaking with the instructor.  If the student is uncomfortable doing this, or the meeting with the instructor fails to resolve the matter, your student should contact the faculty member’s department chair to schedule a meeting to discuss their concerns. If this meeting did not resolve the concern, a student can initiate a grade appeal or a meeting with the dean. 

Students in the College of Health Professions and Sciences should contact their department advisors for any questions related to their major. Advisor contact information is published on the website for all majors in the college and can be accessed through these links: 

Academic advisors are also noted within a student’s MyUCF account, under “Advisor.” 

There are many reasons that registration may be closed for students:  

  • Holds or To-Dos: Students should check for holds or to-dos on their accounts before their registration date to avoid delays in registering for classes. Holds are the most common issue preventing registration and typically must be satisfied in order to register for courses. To find out what is needed to satisfy the hold, visit the MyUCF student self-service page.  
  • Enrollment Appointments: Each student has a specific day and time that they are able to register for the next semester.  Students can view their registration time in their MyUCF account (just below the holds and to-dos area). 
  • Pre-requisites: If a student has not satisfied the pre-requisite(s) for the course, they may not be able to register for the course. Pre-requisites may include, but are not limited to: academic standing, admission to the major, coursework and GPA requirements.  

Other concerns: Please contact department advisors in your major. Advisor contact information is published on the website for all majors in the college and can be accessed through these links: 

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