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This depends on a variety of factors. The chemistry and mathematics sequences for BSBS majors are lengthy and a two-year graduation may depend on your student’s placement in these sequences. It is important to consider transfer shock and timing for extracurricular development when deciding on a two-year graduation plan.

As a pre-medical student, being a well-rounded medical school applicant is important. This includes having a competitive GPA, MCAT score, volunteering hours, etc. If your students are interested in certain specialties, we highly recommend they shadow physicians in their field of interest. During clinical rotations in medical school, students develop hands-on experience with more specialties, providing clearer insight into a specialty of choice.

UCF’s Burnett Honors College is proud to offer the Burnett Medical Scholars program, which offers qualified students admittance to UCF COM. More information about the BMS program can be found here.

are many opportunities for your student to get involved in undergraduate
research. Students can seek research assistant positions in hundreds of campus
labs. Research courses like PILOT and GEAR can satisfy graduation requirements.
See more information here.

students can also complete an Honors Undergraduate

While starting college is exciting, the newfound independence, responsibility, and time-commitment can be overwhelming. There are several resources to help your student through this adjustment period. UCF offers peer mentors, psychological counselors, academic and professional advisors, and many social events and programs geared towards First Time In College students.

The College of Medicine offers a wide selection of resources to ensure student success. We ensure professional preparation by offering hands-on experience in microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology research techniques; medical and surgical shadowing internships; and research opportunities. Students looking to pursue a career in healthcare can also receive professional preparation through UCF’s Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising Office, which offers application preparation, study materials, entry exam practice tests, mock interviews, and many other resources.

Peer Mentors are high-achieving undergraduate students trained to help your student overcome any obstacles they may face. For academic planning, Peer Mentors will help students identify factors contributing to academic concerns, and create a plan to improve such situations. We recognize that many hurdles may be personal, and as trained listeners, Peer Mentors can offer support.

We value the importance of having well-rounded students. Students can explore courses outside the major through the General Education Program, Unrestricted Electives, and minors.

Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences offers three majors: Biomedical Sciences,
Biotechnology, and Medical Laboratory Sciences.

  • Biomedical Sciences students can select a track
    (Molecular and Cellular Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Neuroscience), which
    is recommended if they are interested in pursuing research in those fields.
    Biomedical Sciences students seeking application to health professional schools
    (medical school, physician assistant, optometry, etc.) typically select the
    pre-professional track.
  • Biotechnology students are typically
    interested in attending graduate school to attain their Master’s or PhD
    degrees. This major has a heavy research focus, as well as a
    research/internship requirement for graduation.
  • Medical Laboratory
    is a terminal degree offered by BSBS. This is a limited-access program
    which requires an application process upon prerequisite completion around the
    end of students’ second year. The 30 students accepted into MLS every year take
    classes together and complete rotations in facilities across Florida before
    graduating and working in hospital, research, clinical, government, or forensic

While the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences and the College of Medicine are both located in Lake Nona, our undergraduate coursework is completed at the East Orlando (Main) Campus.

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