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  • Every student with a declared COS major has an assigned faculty advisor based on their major. In addition, your student may also have access to professional advisors associated with the department/school that offers their major. Finally, every student has a College of Sciences Advising Services (COSAS) advisor. What’s the main thing you need to know about all these advisors? They are coordinated and they talk with each other.
  • Your student’s faculty advisor is there to help them identify experiences, opportunities, and specific courses that will fulfill their degree goals and prepare them for what they want to do next. The major-specific, professional advisors know all the ins-and-outs of the degree requirements and the policies of the department or school of which they are a part. These major-specific professional advisors are the go-to’s as your student completes their degree. The college-level COSAS advisor will get your student transitioned from admission into general education and prerequisite courses and assist your student all the way through graduation. The COSAS advisors provide information on college and university policies and procedures, and they will help ensure that your student’s academic records are accurate.
  • It is our expectation that each student will connect with their COSAS advisor at least once each major semester (spring and fall) for guidance on timely completion of degree requirements.