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If your student has questions about their schedule that are related to completing the degree or a major requirement (for example: junior and senior level courses, restricted elective requirements, core course requirements), they should contact their departmental major advisor. Each of our departments and the schools has faculty and professional advisors to assist students with scheduling questions like these. The list of who these advisors are, by departmental area, is found on the College of Sciences Advising Services (COSAS) website.

If your student is new to UCF as a freshman (also referred to as a first-time in college -FTIC- student) or if your student has questions about general education courses (GEP courses), they should contact their FTIC advisor in the College of Sciences. If you or they are not sure who this advisor is, they can contact the College of Sciences Advising Services (COSAS) office directly by emailing or by calling 407/823-6131.  

More information about all of the services provided by COSAS are found on the COSAS website.