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  • School of Performing Arts (Music and Theatre): Students who plan to pursue a major in Music or Theatre should audition/interview as early as possible. Students are allowed to audition for these programs prior to being admitted to the university, although admission to the university is ultimately required. Visit the individual program pages for more information on how to schedule your audition/interview or submit your materials. 

  • School of Visual Arts and Design: Students who plan to pursue a major in Emerging Media BFA (Character Animation, Experimental Animation, and Graphic Design tracks), Studio Art BA, or Studio Art BFA are considered based on submission of a portfolio. Students must complete required prerequisite courses before they are eligible to submit the relevant portfolio/application and will develop portfolio materials in the prerequisite courses.  
    • The Architecture BD is a partnership program with Valencia College (VC) and the prerequisite ARC courses are only offered through VC in the first two years. Admission to the Architecture BD offered through UCF is competitive and determined based on pin-up each April. The Architecture BD is housed at VC’s West campus.  
    • The Photography BS is a partnership program with Daytona State College (DSC). Students seeking admission to the Photography BS at UCF must complete the Photographic Tech AS offered through DSC, or equivalent. The Photography BS is housed at DSC.