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If your student has questions about a specific course they want or are scheduled to take, your student should contact the department or school that offers the course. While it might be tricky to know which department/school teaches the course, that information can easily be found in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.  

  • Select the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog
  • Under Page Navigation (right-hand side), click on “Courses and Descriptions”    
  • Search for the course and click on the course to reveal the course information 
    • In the bottom, right of the description will be the college and department that offers the course.  
    • For example: COS-BIOL is a College of Sciences course offered out of the Biology Department. COS-NSCM is a College of Sciences course offered out of the Nicholson School of Communication and Media. 

You’ll note that most course descriptions also include information about any prerequisite requirements. Prerequisite requirements are those courses or conditions that must be completed prior to attending the course and that sometimes restrict registration into the course. 

Once you know which department/school offers the course, you can contact them to answer any questions you have about the course.