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If your student completed a college or university level course at an out-of-state institution or at a Florida private institution, he or she should have the course evaluated for equivalency to a UCF course. These are called “transfer courses” and the equivalency evaluation may result in your student getting full UCF credit for a course taken somewhere else. Transfer courses are evaluated by the comparable UCF department or school that offers the course*.

To have a transfer course evaluated for equivalency to a course offered out of the College of Sciences, your student should initiate a COS Course Evaluation. On this website, course information is submitted via a Student Portal. Course evaluations are completed by qualified faculty.

*Don’t know who offers comparable courses? See the question and answer above that asks “If my student has a question about a course they are taking, who should they contact?” or the COS Course Evaluation website to use the course catalog to find out who offers the course.