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Parents of students pursuing a CAH major are frequently concerned that students in CAH disciplines, many of whom aspire to be actors, musicians, writers, and historians, worry if their students can be gainfully employed. There are at least a few responses to these concerns. First, imagine a world without music, theatre, art, books and culture. Without the creative and academic pursuits that our students undertake, our worlds, lives, and the most mundane of tasks, like driving to work, would be beyond dull. The arts and the humanities are critical aspects of living meaningful lives and we’re thankful for the talents of our brilliant and creative students. Second, research shows that employers value creativity, outside the box thinking, critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work on teams. We’re confident that CAH disciplines prepare CAH students in these areas and others, in very meaningful ways. Specifically, through High Impact Practices embedded in each and every CAH major, CAH majors engage with real-world experiences prior to graduation. Finally, national research shows that students who earn a degree in the arts or humanities end up among the highest earners twenty years into their careers.