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There are many reasons that registration may be closed for students:  

  • Holds or To-Dos: Students should check for holds or to-dos on their accounts before their registration date to avoid delays in registering for classes. Holds are the most common issue preventing registration and typically must be satisfied in order to register for courses. To find out what is needed to satisfy the hold, visit the MyUCF student self-service page.  
  • Enrollment Appointments: Each student has a specific day and time that they are able to register for the next semester.  Students can view their registration time in their MyUCF account (just below the holds and to-dos area). 
  • Pre-requisites: If a student has not satisfied the pre-requisite(s) for the course, they may not be able to register for the course. Pre-requisites may include, but are not limited to: academic standing, admission to the major, coursework and GPA requirements.  

Other concerns: Please contact department advisors in your major. Advisor contact information is published on the website for all majors in the college and can be accessed through these links: