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On February 10, undergraduate researchers from across the State of Florida convened at the State Capital to share projects with state legislatures. Four students are represented UCF at the Posters at the Capitol.

“UCF has selected some of our outstanding students to represent all undergraduates,” says Kimberly Schneider, Director of Undergraduate Research. “Working with faculty mentors, these students are pursuing a path of discovery and are uncovering ways to better our society.”

The research of students working with the Office of Undergraduate Research, part of the new Division of Student Learning and Academic Success, spans multiple disciplines. The researchers are Gustavo Camero, an Electrical Engineering major, Jenna Dovydaitis, a Political Science and Biomedical Sciences double major, Sean Glatch, an English major, and Aseela Samsam, a Biomedical Sciences major.

Presenting research to Florida’s leaders can be intimidating. UCF undergraduate researchers explained how they prepared. Watch their video to learn more.

“Presenting at the Undergraduate Research Posters at the Capital first annual event is a milestone for these students,” says Schneider. “It’s an experience that will help shape their future success and put undergraduate research in the spotlight for the state.”