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In the fall 2021 semester, UF will allow students in the State University System (SUS) to enroll as transient students in applicable language courses. UCF students may participate in UF’s Shared Languages Program (SLP) only if a specific language course is not offered at UCF. For example, a UCF student interested in learning Swahili could enroll in UF’s course since Swahili is a language not offered by UCF. However, a UCF student interested in beginning French must enroll in UCF’s course, FRE 1120C. Details about the SLP and the process for completing the transient application process can be found at: UF-CLAS Shared Language Program.

UCF students and UCF advisors should be aware that UF’s language courses are 5.0 credit hours per course and therefore are more expensive than UCF courses and could lead to excess hours charges. Further, UCF students interested in participating in the SLP must consult with their academic advisor prior to initiating the transient application to ensure that any additional student-specific considerations and degree requirements are taken into account. Once the transient courses are completed, it is the student’s responsibility to request an official UF transcript and ensure that the credits are posted to their transcript.

If you have questions, please contact Delia Garcia.