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Transitioning to One Drive and Teams

We are decommissioning the servers owned by the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) and the Division of Student Learning and Academic Success (SLAS) on June 16. Going forward, OneDrive and Teams will house personal and shared files.

Important Dates

By June 15, staff must move files housed on the CUGS and SLAS servers to OneDrive and Teams. On June 16, information on the CUGS and SLAS servers will no longer be accessible.

Staff from units moved from SDES to SLAS should also move files from the SDES servers to OneDrive and Teams.

One Drive and Teams Workshop

On Friday, May 29, Bryce Jackson, our IT Business Relationship Manager, discussed the features and benefits of each tool, demonstrating how to move files and answered questions. 

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A PDF of the PowerPoint file used for the training is available to download.

Additional OneDrive and Teams Resources