Stress & Wellness


  • Wellness Wheel – Is your life well balanced? Use the Wellness Wheel to find out, and make a plan to balance it if it’s a little off-kilter.
  • Stress Management – A comprehensive worksheet on managing stress.
  • Physical Wellness – Are you taking care of your body as much as your studies? Make a plan to keep yourself energized and ready to study.
  • Grounding Worksheet – Learn some ways to stay calm and in control during stressful situations, like before or during an exam.
  • Grounding Techniques – Some more ways to keep yourself under control in stressful situations.

UCF Resources

  • UCF Cares – UCF Cares Focus Areas include: Safety and Well-being Services, Violence Prevention, and Mental Health Support
  • CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free mental health services to UCF students, including individual counseling, group therapy, workshops and educational presentations on a variety of topics, crisis intervention and daily walk-in services, and professional consultations to staff, faculty, students and parents.
  • WHPS– Wellness & Health Promotion Services (WHPS) offers a wide variety of services and programs aimed at helping all UCF students be healthy knights! We promote healthy lifestyle habits associated with higher academic performance.
  • Rec Center – The UCF Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) offers UCF students opportunities to foster healthy lifestyle choices and wellness through efficient services, comprehensive programs and high-quality facilities.
  • Student Health Services – UCF Student Health Services provides a variety of primary and specialty care services to help keep students at their optimum health.
  • Knights Pantry – The Knights Helping Knights Pantry is committed to serving UCF students by providing basic needs including food, clothing, and personal hygiene items to foster continued academic success and increase retention for students in need.
  • Centsible Knights – The purpose of this financial literacy program is to provide students at the University of Central Florida with information and resources that enhance their financial knowledge and equip them to make sound financial decisions.
  • Victim Services – UCF Victim Services provides confidential advocacy and support to the UCF Community, 24/7. If you or someone you know has been impacted by crime, violence, or abuse, we can help, call a confidential victim advocate at (407) 823-1200 or text (407)823-6868. In case of an emergency call 911 immediately.

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