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Take Admissions Test

Purpose: Scholars will learn about test-taking strategies to prepare right before and during the examination.

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 Before the Exam

  • Practice test-taking.
  • Know whether you are an early bird or night owl and schedule your test for a time you are alert.
  • Use online resources and test manuals.
  • Know what to bring to the GRE test center.
  • Locate the testing center and plan your route there.
  • Don’t cram the night before the test- relax!
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Battling Test Anxiety

Self-care and Wellness Before the Exam

Here experts from the UCF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) share advice on securing peace of mind and diminishing anxiety before the exam.

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During the Exam

  • Be prepared and organized.
  • Come equipped with your ID, pencils and sweater just in case it is cold.
  • Economize your time, skip difficult questions and come back to them after you finished the others.
  • Fill in all question during exams that don’t penalize you for incorrect answers.
  • Just breathe.
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Test Taking Tips for the GRE

AAP scholars share strategies they use to relax and focus while taking exams.

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Note: For a refresher on graduate admissions tests consult modules Continue to Study and Schedule Admission Tests.

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