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Lesson Introduction

Academics as a Strength

Purpose: This section will reiterate points about academics that were in Module 1 Exploring. Scholars will examine their degree audits, or four year timelines to reevaluate their progress.

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Reviewing Your 4-Year Timeline

We’ve gone over the basics of reflecting about your future and creating a 4-year timeline in the Exploring Module. Now, it’s time to contextualize your timeline within your professional and academic goals in the Building Module.

Grades are important to balance your applications. Having strong grades can open doors to many opportunities like internships, fellowships, and summer research programs. Getting good grades is difficult but not impossible. You can do it! Find below a listing of five tips to build your academics.

5 Tips to Build Your Academics


Talk to your academic advisor each semester to make sure you are always on track with your academic plan.


Make a calendar detailing exams, quizzes, and study times. Visualizing your class schedule and the tasks necessary to earn a better grade can help you to prepare for the demands of higher level coursework, and, in the future, you research project.


Pick a study buddy. This will help you keep each other accountable. You can ask each other questions in order to keep the material fresh in your minds.


Become a teaching assistant for a course you excelled in. This will help you retain the material beyond the semester you took the course and it will help you discover new ways to apply the material.


Read current events and books that pertain to the course. This will help you envision how the material is apt for everyday applications. Perhaps, it will help you think about new research questions that remain to be explored.

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Audio Content

Advice from Scholars

More Audio Advice from AAP Scholars on how to keep focusing on your academics.

Scholars at AAP share tips on how to maintain good grades.

Click “Play” to hear advice from Priscilla, a Biomedical Sciences and Psychology major, about how to continue to focus on your academics.

Click “Play” to hear advice from Gisselle, a Chemistry major, about how to continue to focus on your academics.

Click “Play” to hear advice from Lianne, a Civil Engineering major, about how to continue to focus on your academics.

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Suggested Assignment

Suggested Assignments

Assignment #7

Academic Goal Setting
Scholars will obtain their degree audits and craft a strategic plan to pull up their current grades and overall GPA. For assistance schedule a visit with AAP Peer Advisors.
Instructions: Academic Goal Setting

Save Your Work: Complete the assignment by typing in the boxes in the PDF below and downloading the document for your records.

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