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Maintain Faculty Relationships

Purpose: Scholars will review what informational interviews are and assess their success in interviewing persons of interest.

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Nurturing Strong and Positive Relationships 

Sharpen your skill set. Review what informational interviews consist of, and use your learning to maintain positive relationships with faculty. Remember the more you practice the better you will become at building relationships with faculty, staff and professionals. This is a skill needed to build an impactful network.

Informational interviews are a great way to speak with someone who is active in the career. We hope that you will be able to conduct informational interviews to learn more about your discipline or maintain important faculty relationships. Here, we will be mapping your professional and academic network to help you identify which relationships to keep strong moving forward.

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Informational Interviews

Watch the following video for more information on what informational interviews are and how to conduct them.

Informational Interviews by Stanford Life Design Lab

Note: This information is review from Exploring Career Goals in the Exploring Lesson

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Mapping Your Career

Read through this blog to learn more about mind-mapping your career. Pay particular attention to Mapping your Career Exploration. Start with the parts of your discipline you know you would like to explore within a career. Then connect your faculty, or professionals, to each part of your career. Is there anything else you haven’t explored through an informational interview, or other network?

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Mind Mapping Resources

  • MindMeister: Easy to use and UCF students can start for free. Check out Assignment #8 below to learn how to sign up.
  • MindNode: There’s an (iOs and Mac) app for that! Easy to use on the iPhone and seems free right now. The Mac version comes with a free trial.

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Mind Mapping Your Network

Here is an outline detailing what mind maps are and how you can utilize them to assess your network.

 Video: Assignment Instructions for Mind Mapping Your Network

Mind map to assess your existing network and create a strategic plan to expand it. For more ideas also view this video.

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Suggested Assignment

Suggested Assignments

Assignment #8

Map Your Network through Informational Interviews

Purpose: Scholars will list and reflect on the informational interviews they have conducted. Outline information you have gathered about your career of interest, and who you learned from. Connect your interviewees with parts of your career you want to explore further. Eventually, your priorities will emerge with more connections. For assistance schedule a visit with AAP Peer Advisors.

Instructions: Mind-Map your network to help connect themes of your career together. When you can identify key people in your academic and professional network, reach out to conduct an informational interview.

Download the Assignment: Map Your Network through Informational Interview

Save Your Work: Complete the assignment by typing in the boxes in the PDF below and downloading the document for your records.

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Note: For a refresher on the importance of faculty mentorships consult Develop Relationships with Faculty and Staff topic in the Exploring lesson.

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