Frequently Asked Questions about LEARN programs

Can you tell me more about LEARN?

L.E.A.R.N is a yearlong academic program for either incoming Freshman or incoming Transfer students. Throughout the year the cohort will engage in the classroom while taking an introduction into research course and outside the classroom develop bonds amongst each other through program led social activities. Students in the cohort will also have a Peer Knight Coach who will guide them through their first year at UCF through mentorship.

What is the difference between EXCEL and LEARN?

Both are excellent programs. The EXCEL program is focused on supporting students in pursuing a STEM major with interventions throughout their first two years of college when they are most likely to drop out. The differences are as such:

  • LEARN is focused on students doing undergraduate research. EXCEL offers students the opportunity to do research, but it is not the primary focus.
  • LEARN is a learning community. EXCEL offers the opportunity for students to live together in a learning community environment but does not restrict its members to where they live.
  • EXCEL students are required to take their first-year math classes (fall and spring) with EXCEL – no exceptions. We know math is the subject that typically “scares” people out of their STEM major. For this reason, we provide a support structure which includes cohort math classes (only EXCEL students), free tutoring in our designated EXCEL Center and graduate and undergraduate mentors to assist in the math classes. LEARN students are required to take a research course together and have the option of registering in designated science courses. EXCEL also offers the option of designated science courses, but they are not required for the program.

Can I be a part of the Honors College or EXCEL and also be in LEARN?

  • Thanks for your inquiry about LEARN. LEARN focuses on giving opportunities to students who are not involved in other campus learning communities. Therefore, you may not participate in LEARN and be a member of EXCEL or other structured learning community.
  • On a case-by-case basis, we will accept students who are admitted to the Honors College. This is a restriction for participation in LEARN. Other programs may not have the same guidelines.
  • For the Burnett Medical Scholars Program, we find that this is incompatible with LEARN, as you will already be conducting research through that program. Therefore, you should choose only one program. As the Medical Scholars program offers greater benefits, suggestion is to accept that program over LEARN.  .

Which majors are accepted into the LEARN Program?

L.E.A.R.N accepts the following majors into the program:

  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Science (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Math, Physics, Forensic Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Statistics)
  • Optics and Photonics

At the time of applying, you do have to have a declared major in order to be considered for the program.

What is the difference between F-LEARN and T-LEARN?

  • The main difference between these two programs is that F-LEARN is designed for freshmen students interested in research who are just joining UCF from high schools. In contrast, T-LEARN is targeted to state-college transfer students interested in research who already have some experience with college life. We provide the necessary tools to get the students engage in a research opportunity of their interest, while also challenging their abilities and offering a sense of community within the course.

Priority Registration for LEARN:

Priority registration starts after the first semester of the program (spring) after completing program requirements. UCF Orientation reserves seats for first-time incoming students, so regardless of your orientation date, you will have a good choice of classes during your orientation registration. As a member of LEARN (who maintains good standing), you will be tagged for priority registration for the rest of your UCF undergraduate career.

Note: Even with priority registration (which allows students to register on the first day of the registration window), not all classes will be open. Students rarely get exactly the schedule they want; however, priority registration does give LEARN students an earlier registration time than they would normally have as a first-year student.

For any additional info, contact us at:

Email: learn@ucf.edu

Phone Number: (407)-882-2300

L.E.A.R.N. Programs
Office of Undergraduate Research
Trevor Colbourn Hall, Suite 205

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