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As part of a metropolitan research university, the Division of Student Learning and Academic Success is committed to research that addresses interdisciplinary instructional strategies and outcomes that facilitate student academic success. We are dedicated to increasing success in higher education through technology innovation and strategic analysis.

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Center for Higher Education Innovation

The UCF Center for Higher Education Innovation (CHEI) endeavors to improve higher education access, success, and completion for all by partnering internally and externally to identify, inspire, pilot, and evaluate student success innovations.

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Office of Data and Strategic Projects

The Office of Data and Strategic Projects (DSP) provides guidance and support to enhance student retention, graduation, and success. DSP provides proactive insights through effective data analysis and reporting and the leveraging of technology.


Academic publications by our staff are listed below. Our staff members’ names appear in bold.

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Schneider, Kimberly R.; Nair, Uday; Straney, Rachel; Lancey, Patrice; Tripp, Mary (2021). First-Year STEM Research Program Facilitates Long-Term Academic Success. Journal of College Science Teaching, 50 (4).