Motivation & Persistence

We all lose motivation at times. Passion and excitement for a long-term goal can only get you so far until hard work, grit, and dedication must kick in. But how do you get those things? It starts with a growth mindset!

Growth Mindset

What’s Your Motivation?

  • Money Wasted – This worksheet will calculate how much money you pay for every lecture. If you do not attend, how much money are you wasting?
  • GPA Calculator – A guide to help you calculate your GPA using myUCF.
  • Motivation Web – When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.
  • Passion Map – This worksheet can help you find and recognize your passions and plan how to explore these passions.
  • 3 Motivation Boosts Backed by Science – Feeling stuck and unmotivated? This worksheet gives 3 different ways to jump start your motivation.

Decision Making

Goals, Grit, and Red Flags

  • SMART Goals – This worksheet will help you create goals with concrete action plans to achieve them.
  • Academic Action Plan – Set expectations and find resources for this semester.
  • Reward System – Want to make productivity fun? Set up a rewards system for yourself.
  • Understanding Change, Motivation, and Self-Efficacy – The one motivation worksheet to rule them all. This is a comprehensive guide to understanding why you do (or do not!) do things, and how to adjust to achieve your goals.
  • Maintenance Worksheet – Identify how you’ve gotten as far as you have, and identify red flags that will alert you if you are slipping back into old behaviors.
  • 5 Types of Self-Control Strategies – You know you need more self-control, but how? This handout describes five ways you can help yourself gain more self-control.
  • Grit Ladder – Plan your day-to-day tasks based on what you want long-term.
  • Grit Scale – How much grit do you have?

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